Actionable insights for thematic investing

Entis generates actionable insights for thematic investing.
Entis identifies companies that fall within the scope of a theme, such as the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, disruptive technologies, healthcare and life sciences, cybersecurity or education. The result is a thematic fit score for each company with a detailed analysis report that explains why the company belongs to a theme. The main question in this type of service is: given a certain theme, which companies and their related securities can be identified as belonging to that theme?
Based on the client’s vision on the portfolio, Entis shapes the definition of the theme to capture the client’s ideas and convictions, resulting in a thematic universe that contains well-known but also lesser-known companies, as well as expected and unexpected companies.
Since the results are automatically generated using our AI powered data factory, there are no limits to the number of companies in scope, i.e. in principle the whole universe of listed and non-listed companies can be analyzed, in both developed markets and emerging markets. According to the client’s needs, Entis is able to apply all kinds of filters (such as financial, geographical, reputation, size) to define the scope of the universe.
A second strand of thematic investing focuses on technology discovery and assessment. Projects in this area are typically one-offs for Venture Capital, Private Equity or corporate R&D or M&A departments and can be buy or sell side. Technology discovery entails spotting novel end markets or identifying alternative and complementary technologies, whereas technology assessment concerns IP portfolio analysis or competitive landscape analysis.
At the heart of these actionable insights analyses for thematic investing is our AI powered data factory applying Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies to discover unique and relevant insights into large amounts of data. And of course, our PhD level data science team.
Example: Sustainable Development Investments (SDI)
A relevant example of thematic investment is Sustainable Development Investment or SDI. Entis has developed and implemented an SDI classification process, supported by AI-based text analysis.
Using our data, asset owners are able to assess close to 8,000 companies and the contribution of their products and services to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The data used in this analysis are derived from trade descriptions, annual reports, webpages, patents, and other textual documents.
You can find a press release on our work on Sustainable Development Investments and the launch of the Sustainable Development Investments Asset Owner Platform here . 

best cases

Sustainable Development Investments

Entis generates SDI classifications for thousands of companies.

Frontier technologies

By using our technology, a European asset manager was able to quickly identify frontier technology companies.

Immunotherapy start-ups

A private equity firm was able to assess immunotherapy start-ups using our AI powered data factory.

New technologies

A large European specialty chemicals company used our data factory to discover highly promising new technologies.