A long history in a new specialization

The Entis team has a long history in this relatively new field of discovering investable insights from unstructured data. The team started out in 2010 as an all-round data science support unit of Deloitte and created an investment analytics platform as early as 2012.

Even back then the vision was crystal clear: the growing availability of unstructured data would offer unprecedented opportunities for growth and progress by generating new types of insights in a scientifically sound way.

Entis’s methods of working, the AI-engine and her organization to create these investable insights, have since been developed and successfully put to the test at organizations in manufacturing, life sciences, finance and government.

Extracting investable insights from alternative data turns out not to be easy, but it is rewarding. It requires finding solutions to messy data challenges, developing new methodologies and tools, and communicating the results in an actionable format.

Innovation challenges
The expectations from AI and machine learning have been high, and still are. And for good reasons. The world is only at the beginning of many specialized data science solutions. Reaping the benefits from the new technology, however, requires organizational innovations. As Entis has been at the forefront of the AI revolution in investment management for more than six years, we have mastered these challenges and are capable of providing scalable solutions to our clients.

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