Collaborative frontrunners

We firmly believe that AI and unstructured data provide the opportunity for asset managers to complement and improve their decision-making and risk management. By using our innovative services, we can help to realize the potential benefits.

We like to share our vision and passion. We like to solve complex problems and discover new knowledge to make a difference. We enjoy the pioneering work, creating new methods and tools, leading to new investment insights. We enjoy working with specialists who also wish to create sustainable results by using the power of data science.

We are

  • scientific;
  • practical in execution;
  • independent in our approach;
  • outside of the box in our thinking;
  • catalysts in AI for asset management;
  • collaborative and inspiring to work with.

As such we have

  • the power to evolve;
  • a keen eye for our clients' interests;
  • the curiosity and joy to discover and define new ways.

As such we want to

  • exploit uncharted territory;
  • set new standards;
  • work with excellent professionals and pre-eminent clients to create sustainable results.

Our culture is supported, empowered and enhanced by:

  • a unique AI engine built on top of integrated databases;
  • an innovative organization and a diverse team;
  • complementary skill sets.

About us

Entis supports asset managers in building investment portfolios with sustainable returns.


Our knowledge and insight become your sheer investment power.