Game changer

Entis supports asset managers in building investment portfolios with sustainable returns.

Entis has strong expertise and knowledge in the intersection of artificial intelligence, unstructured data, and thematic and factor investing. Entis aspires to be a game changer, developing new reliable analytical methods to mine uncharted investment territory.

Entis creates and provides actionable insights from big and unstructured data. With its unique AI Engine, Entis discovers key investable insights by applying a scientific approach.

The Entis team consists of PhD level professionals with backgrounds in AI, computer science, physics, astrophysics and engineering with years of experience in professional business consulting. Their integrated skills, combined with the innovative culture and technical infrastructure, make Entis a global front runner and leading co-creator of a new investment paradigm.

Entis is an independent business unit of APG, the largest Dutch pension investor, and a spin-off from Deloitte.