Sustainable development investments

Sustainable Development Investments (SDI)

Sustainable development investments are a special focus of thematic investing. Entis developed and implemented a SDI Classification methodology and process, supported by AI based text analysis. The result is an assessment of 10,000 companies by measuring the contribution of their products and services to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The data used is among other things derived from trade descriptions, annual reports, webpages, and patents. The SDI classification is specifically developed to responsibly contribute to society at large, through investments that make a difference, as well as a sustainable impact.

Return on Investment plus social and environmental impact

The SDI Methodology is created in joint cooperation with APG Asset Management, the largest Dutch pension fund. As Ronald Wuijster, Chief Investment Officer of APG, states: “We invest in solutions that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These investments meet our financial risk and return requirements and support the generation of positive social and/or environmental impact through their products and services, or at times through acknowledged transformational leadership. We distinguish between investments where impact has been measured and those where it has not, and stimulate the latter to report on measurable impacts.”

At the heart of these analyses are the AI Engine and our PhD level data science team.

Best cases