The AI Engine: the beating heart for unprecedented insights

Entis creates novel investable insights from unstructured big data. The AI Engine is at the heart of these analyses.

The Engine consists of an infrastructure for integrating and managing data from a wide variety of sources, methodologies and solutions to extract meaning from the data and to visualize the insights. This makes Entis a front running catalyst in AI for asset management.

Entis provides services, based on the following key elements:

  • a unique AI-engine;
  • proprietary methodologies and tools to extract key insights from unstructured data;
  • innovative ways of working, leveraging cloud technology and the skill set of the team;
  • newly developed managerial practices to ensure quality of results and delivery to clients.
About the data underlying the AI Engine

The AI Engine contains an infrastructure for integrating and managing a wide variety of databases that provides a wealth of unstructured data to be analyzed and combined to create investable insights. A few metrics:

  • data of over 200 mio companies;
  • more than 70 mio patents;
  • over 3 mio deals (acquisitions, mergers, carve-outs);
  • integration with major data providers like Bloomberg and Moody’s.
About our methodologies and solutions

The methodologies and solutions made available through the AI Engine include:

  • data harvesting, indexing and linking;
  • identity management of companies and securities;
  • text processing and knowledge modelling;
  • factor exploration and backtesting;
  • a structured client delivery process.
Best cases